Get an Insight into Erangel and Miramar for Winning Your ‘Chicken Dinner’

To win in PUBG, a gamer is required using his brain and plotting strategies. However, in order to make a winning plan, players need to be familiar with the maps. Map knowledge and PUBG esp hack which lets one view other player’s locations is the ultimate guide to win.

Hacks of this type makes understanding gameplay easy as well as interesting for all. It takes even a rookie to the pro gaming level utilizing cheats. In short, it evens out the playing field for all especially in a multiplayer survival game like PUBG.

Coming back to maps now, two are mainly available Erangel and Miramar. Well, there is one more which is yet to release, the Savage. Developers are still working on it and within a few months players can get their hands on it. However, here Erangel and Miramar are discussed in detail. Just a note, to win, hacks like PUBG esp is a must along with superior map understanding.

Background of Erangel

It is the base map of this video game. This abandoned fictional island is situated in Black Sea near Russia. This place was under military control, and they tested biological/chemical weapons on island’s people. The location became uninhibited after an attack on biological facility from resistance group.

Electrical emitters power the electrical field which players see wreaking havoc during a match. These were used to control towns which revolted against Soviet forces during 1950s.

Present day Erangel

The location has many structures such as homes, hospitals, garages, etc. where players can find useful weapons and other resources to stay alive in the game. Moreover, one can utilize abandoned cars for moving from one location to another quickly.

Knowing this map thoroughly means a gamer will be able to select a spot where more buildings are present for finding everything and also know about spots which are full of other players with the help of PUBG esp hack. Just a tip, staying away from the cities like Georgopool, Novorepnoye, Pochinki, and Yasnaya Polnaya is ideal for people who want to play defensive.

Note: After PLAYERUNKNOWN’S daughter Eryn, this island got its name.

All about Miramar

This is the second map which is the same size as Erangel that is 8×8 Km. This area offers a unique terrain as it is full of slums. Moreover, one can see canyon with running river on south end location. Also, there are villages throughout this location. Massive walls and mountains keep this place safe from outsiders. Moreover, this map is based in USA/Mexico. Click here for more PUBG hacks, aimbots and more!

To win a match in Miramar, one requires making new strategies as old ones that worked in Erangel, won’t work here. New strategies along with hacks like PUBG esp is what can make you win in this area. Also player unknown battlegrounds aimbot is finally here, so check it out today.

Major cities where maximum people drop to acquire excellent weapons and other resources are:

  • Chumacera
  • La Cobreria
  • San Martin
  • El Pozo
  • Valle Del Mar
  • Los Leones
  • Monte Nuevo

Also, try to avoid Prison and Hacienda Del Patron if defensive strategy is one’s style. If one opts for offensive play, then these places are best to start as loads of players land at these places.

So, go through both the maps and understand the locations properly. With great knowledge and PUBG esp hack one can definitely conquer both these areas.